Bodie 601

Deriving their name from nearby Bodie State Park (one of America’s best preserved ghost towns!), this four-year old band has had an amazing time playing to the enthusiastic music lovers here on the Eastside. Having a sound that is best described as “Bluegrass-ish”, the band combines traditional folk, bluegrass and alternative music with an emphasis on rich vocal harmonies and surprising arrangements of songs that allow the band to swing from sweet, slow melodic numbers to barn-burning foot stompers in the space of just one short set. The recent release of the band’s first album, Fortune’s Calling, has lead to a pleasant increase in the Bodie 601 following with positive reviews in local papers and great buzz through our social media followers. With fiery fiddle soloing, smoking hot guitar styling, thumping upright bass, powerful rhythm from the Bodhran (hand drum) and, always, those wonderful three and four part vocals, this eclectic, acoustic-oriented 4-piece folk band is climbing the mountain of the music scene here in the Eastern Sierra and loving it every step of the way!

Umpires and Satori

A new Reggae and Ska project from Sextones drummer, Dan Weis!

The Sextones

No introduction needed, Mark Sexton, Alex Korostinsky, Dan Weiss and Ryan Taylor bring the Soul/Funk out of Reno/Truckee!


Tracorum's contagious musical journeying is a blend of southern swamp pop, soul, honky tonk, roots rock americana with a rhythmic diversity that adds elements of funk, latin-caribbean and gospel stomp to their unique sound. Great songwriting steeped in rich vocal harmonies and urban storytelling are the vehicle on which this powerful quartet had made their national ascent.